At the moment, I participate a master program in Computer Science and Media at the University of Media in Stuttgart. I teach app development at the school for Design in Heilbronn and love to capture the moment.

„My claim of every portrait is to work out the beauty of man“

Hannes Buchwald


2005:      „Nacht Ost“  | Jesus Freaks Stuttgart, Germany

2009:      „Face to Face“  | Junges Museum Heilbronn, Germany

2010:      „Party Life“  |  Basementizid Heilbronn, Germany

2012:       „Databases Pictures“  | Berlin, Germany

2012:       „Databases Pictures“  | Frauenzimmer Stuttgart, Germany


2017:      Aufschlussreiches Klick-Tagebuch (07.02.2017,  Stuttgarter Zeitung)

2016:      Projektbeispiel Smartphone-App für afrikanische Landwirte   (15.12.2016, Campus Zeit)

2009:      Face To Face | Exibithion in museum of Heilbronn (15.09.2009 , Heilbronner Stimme)

Feel free to contact me info@hannesbuchwald.com